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The Vulnerability Challenge is a movement that encourages people to open up and be vulnerable on social media.

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The Vulnerability Challenge (TVC) is a movement that encourages people to open-up and be vulnerable on social media. Vulnerability is the gateway to authenticity. We cannot be our true selves without being vulnerable. If we gain the courage to remove our masks and reveal our truths, it will not only help us become more authentic, but it will also help others feel as though they are not alone.

Why Try The Vulnerability Challenge?

Our pain is the difference between who we are being and who we truly are. Meaning, the person we are portraying is not always our true being, and this causes us to suffer because we feel we need to hide parts of ourselves. To close this gap we need to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is not easy, but it is necessary if we want to learn to love ourselves. The more we share our shame, fear, pride, love, and joy, the more connected we feel and the more we can move towards fully accepting ourselves. We all feel shame. We all experience pain. You are not alone in your struggles and if you participate in TVC, I think it’s safe to say this will become clear.

Inspiring people to be themselves by encouraging them to open up and be vulnerable

Be brave,
Be courageous,
Be vulnerable,
Be yourself,

Participate in a movement towards love and acceptance.


Join the movement and start your own personal journey with The Vulnerability Challenge by downloading our free eBook that explains how to do the challenge, why to do it, other peoples stories and more.


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about Colin

“I am a human being that has always been seeking answers. Why am I anxious? How can I be happy? What is my purpose? How can I become more attractive? Now I am not saying I have all the answers, but after 15+ years of trying different things, such as, yoga, meditation, counselling, support groups, healthy eating, and exercise I have learned many things, and one of them is being vulnerable can transform our lives.”