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Sign up for the ‘TVC Post of the Week,’ a story from a participant that I want to share with you all.  My hope is that by reading one story each week you will feel connected to humanity and have the courage to be vulnerable yourself. 


The Vulnerability Challenge is a movement that encourages people to open up and be vulnerable on social media. The idea is if we can have the courage to remove our masks and reveal our truth, it will not only help us become more authentic but it will also help others feel they are not alone and perhaps inspire them to do the same.  This in turn could create a world where we feel safe to be ourselves.

Why Do It?

The best way for me to explain why someone should do this challenge is to share my experience and tell you what it has done for me.

The Vulnerability Challenge really allowed me to go deep in my soul and uncover my true self. It allowed me to process my pain and realize that without that pain I wouldn’t be the person I am today. It allowed me to reflect on my past and see how far I have come. I feel so liberated and free now that I have taken off my mask and shown the world that I am a human being. I feel more present, less judgmental and more compassionate than ever before. I am able to connect with people effortlessly and deeply at a core human level. I now know that I can be 100% myself, and people will still love me. In fact, I think they love me more! That being said, I know I am a work in progress and always will be but I am on the path of growth and it feels damn good.

Inspiring people to be themselves by encouraging them to open up and be vulnerable

Be creative,
Be yourself,
Be funny,
Be serious,
Be depressed,
Be inspirational,

be whatever you want because this is for you.


"To talk openly about the things that we try to hide from people's view and to take on the challenge of intentional putting those out into the forefront of our speaking is completely different territory to most people, a new realm if you will, few of us do in a lifetime. This challenge would prove to be a life transforming act for Colin. For 30 days I enjoyed reading Colin's posts. Each day he would go through his life and intentionally uncover the things in his life that would be his deepest insecurities. He would dissect and speak authentically about what he secretly thinks or does, usually stemming from fear or fear of what others may think. His telling in such a truthful, open and vulnerable way, is a breakthrough and slowly the layers come off from years of his hiding and freeing himself of one of the most common challenges of humanity. Colin really shows the essence of what it is to be human. "

"Colin is walking his talk and demonstrating that being vulnerable actually makes us more open to the good things in life and effective in our day to day dealings. The vulnerability challenge is a way to see for ourselves the benefits of this way of being and that by being open about our feelings and struggles we actually become more connected to the people around us and not the opposite that we may sometimes fear."

 “Your 30 day vulnerability challenge has created an opening in my heart space. It's not often that you see a man reveal his truths so openly with wit, humor, and powerful reflections with such grace, humility, and compassion for himself and others. As I read the posts it offered an opportunity to connect with my higher self and to dig deep into issues and/or painful experiences that were similar to yours. I realized how truly the human race is all connected...we are one. We all want love, to feel love, to be loved, and give love. We all go through shit too. But it's in this pain that we truly grow if we allow ourselves too. Colin, you opened the door to help me do that. To dig deeper into pain that I didn't want to acknowledge, but need to because I want to become an even better version of me. Thank you for opening the doors to more healing. Grateful.”

“When I first came across Colins Vulnerability Challenge, it made me feel empowered. The things he was willing to confront within himself, was so inspiring. It got me thinking. " what am I willing to admit within myself, that I can be vulnerable about ?" I think the first step to growth is acknowledgment and so this challenge is such a great idea. I will be doing The Vulnerability Challenge for myself and my own empowerment. I can't wait to see where it takes me in my own journey.”

“Each day I looked forward to reading Colin’s 30 Day Vulnerability Challenge posts. The transformation in Colin was clearly evident as he broke down walls of his self-doubt and his limiting perceptions about himself, but what was remarkable was that how through his courage and openness in his sharing that other people, including myself, were positively affected. Because his posts were so authentic I recognized myself in him and this reminded me that we are not alone. If we reach out in a genuinely authentic way then it opens us up for the opportunity for growth, a deeper connection with people and ourselves in this world, and can allow our former beliefs to be washed away and allow a new way of being to be possible.” 

“Colin’s Vulnerability challenge really allowed me to acknowledge to myself why I was so afraid of it – Vulnerability. It made me realize I spend a lot of energy showing ‘the outside world’ why I’m NOT so vulnerable, when really I was just afraid to take off my many masks. With each of his posts I allowed myself to peel off another layer of my ‘label. He really inspired me to be more ‘ok’ with showing my true feelings (weakness) and accepting them for what they are. I’m less fearful of Vulnerability and one step closer to being its friend, however, I have a long way to go before ever considering doing this challenge. Thank you for sharing.”

“I reached out to Colin after I found him on Instagram. He was sharing a storyline that was running parallel to one I was experiencing so I thought I would reach out and ask him how it was for him and get some further understanding. As it turned out there were not too many similarities with our stories but we shared a conversation that was meaningful & rich with empathy for one another. To read Colin’s words during his challenge it was like a breath of fresh air … it is nice to know some men out there are allowing love to fuel their lives & not fear. I will enjoy watching his journey as I cheerlead from across the province.”

“My first thought about The Vulnerability Challenge was, “Wow, that is brave! What is Colin doing!” but after a few days of seeing how he was exposing himself through social media was a big impact on me. I know Colin but I didn’t know these “things” that he expressed. His posts touched me personally and I felt that I could reach out to him for some support. “

“The Vulnerability Challenge really opens your eyes and heart to realize that you aren't alone. These vulnerabilities and insecurities are common and easy to relate to no matter who you are. After seeing #thevulnerablitychallenge I reflected on my own actions or actions I've experienced, both positive and negative. These reflections lead to closure on some areas of my life, while others reminded me to continue working on being the best version of myself.”

"Recently Colin did a vulnerability challenge expressing his thoughts of and sharing many memories that would surely be challenging for most people to get off their chest.- especially in a public forum. He really owned up to this in what looked like a very authentic way. Surely challenging his comfort and seemed to make quite an impact on many people who engaged via comments.

As for myself I was very proud of him, I appreciated his effort and I recognize amazing potential in him for his own journey and also in that of others as he has proven to me many times over. Many eyes are most certainly on him and are grateful and curious."


The Vulnerability Challenge began as an opportunity for me to remove my mask and share the side of me that I thought was unlovable. What I felt shameful about stemmed from being overly concerned about what people thought of me.  After a lot of inner work over the years I felt ready to divulge my inner pain to the world.  I started with a couple heartfelt posts and the reaction was incredible. I received more likes, loves, supportive comments, and inspirational messages than ever before.  From there I decided to challenge myself to reveal something about me every day for 30 days.  Some of my posts showed very deep pain, some of them were humorous, and others displayed great strength.  That being said, all of them had one thing in common: they all received a very encouraging and loving response from close friends, old friends, and friends I have yet to meet.  I think that’s because in a world with so many lies this was all true.  Now after completing the challenge and getting to see and feel the incredible difference in my thoughts and emotions, I invite other people to take the challenge, feel the difference, and become part of a movement towards self-acceptance and love.


Join the movement and start your own personal journey with The Vulnerability Challenge by following these steps:



  • What are you hiding from the world?
  • What is holding you back?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • What about yourself are you most proud of?
  • Ask yourself the tough questions.



  • Discuss your challenges and strengths
  • Tell them how you feel
  • Share some things that keep you up at night



  • Tell your friends and followers what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how long you are doing it for (I recommend 30 days).
  • Include a picture that embodies or communicates what you are saying
  • Tag your posts with #thevulnerabilitychallenge to help spread the word



  • On your last post (at the end of the challenge) tell everyone what you gained from participating in this movement 



  • If you had a great experience and you can think of someone that could also benefit from participating in this challenge then please give back 

about Colin

I am a human being that has always been seeking answers.  Why do I feel so much anxiety? How can I be happy? What do I want to do with my life? How can I become more attractive? Now I am not saying I have all of the answers but after 15+ years of trying different things, such as, yoga, meditation, counselling, support groups, healthy eating, exercise etc. I have learned that being vulnerable can transform our lives.


I didn’t really want to have to write a disclaimer but at the same time I think it is important to caution participants.

The Vulnerability Challenge is a place for love. This means please show empathy, kindness and be respectful to one another. If someone is brave enough to share parts of themselves on social media than please show them love and support. That being said, doing this challenge is not meant to be for other people. It is meant to help you become more whole and comfortable in your skin. Therefore, although it is nice to receive likes and positive comments, this is not suppose to be the reason to do this challenge and we really have no control over how people react to our posts.

I also think it is important for people to listen to themselves, follow their intuition, and know their limits. A lot of things can come up when we do this inner work and it could bring up some pain that we didn’t even know was their. Therefore, please set appropriate boundaries and seek professional help if needed.

Other than that, please enjoy the process. This could be a life changing experience for you.